Sunday, August 12, 2012

Twi-fic Banners

I read A LOT of Twilight fanfiction. My family calls it an obsession... ehh (shrugs shoulders) maybe... I like to refer to it as... ok... so maybe it's an obsession. Whatever. So, I read it a lot.

One of my most favorite authors, Coldplaywhore (who totally kicks ass, btw) asked to have a banner made. I'd never done one... but had always wanted to, so I raised my hypothetical hand and said "me, me, me!". Apparantly the craziness I created was well liked (much to my surprise), and so here I am. Twific Banner Maker. Who woulda thought?!? Then, months later, Mrs. CPW says, "Hey, why don't you create a blog for your banners, or something?" So I kinda sorta already had a blog that I kinda sortof forgot about. And so here we are...

Just FYI - I hold no copyrights to any of the utilized images AT ALL.  I'm just playing with them.  (Not sure if that is important to mention, but I'm a firm believer in CYOA!)

Links to stories are Teal.

This was my very first banner.  :D

Dancing On My Own by: Coldplaywhore

And then there were two... banners that is... much to my surprise and amazement CPW asked me to do another banner for her.

The Runner by: Coldplaywhore
Coldplaywhore needed a banner for an article she wrote for Smut University, because she knows how to rock that $%!#.  Here's what I came up with...

For those of you familiar with fanfiction, she does ask a valid question... just sayin!

Then, I was blown away when another author, Savannah Greye, whom had seen some of my stuff via CPW's facebook, asked me to do a banner for her story. 

Lights of Life by: Savannah Greye

And my most recent banner is for CPW.  She is hosting an Olympic Twi-fic contest called Going for the Gold. For contest details, go here.

I have a few other banners in the works.  :D  I'll post them up as soon as they're done.